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M.I.A celebrity guest hotel paradis Paris Fashion Week first guest

Hotelier Stories takes you backstage to provide you with the best anecdotes, gossip and craziest things that happened in NightNight hotels, from the voice of hoteliers themselves.

Today, Adrien Gloaguen, founder of Hotel Paradis in Paris’ 10th district, tells us about the hotel’s very first guest who was no less than the internationally renowned songwriter M.I.A. Awesome, except at the time, the hotel was still under construction…


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Hotels with the best coffee shops in-room coffee

If you’re anything like us, you’re serious about your coffee. Good news, coffee is now a big deal in hotels too. Establishments are teaming up with local baristas to source the best beans, get the perfect brew and master swan drawings on your cappuccino. Forget about bland in-room coffee and head directly to the hotel coffee shop downstairs to kick-start your day!

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2 likes in 5 days. You knew that picture of your nephew’s birthday was probably not the killer shot, and your followers are now making you pay for it. It’s a jungle out there, and now you need a bunch of awesome pics to treat your Instagram account. Here’s a collection of 5 perfect hotels to restore your prestige.


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The Standard, East Village; photo credit @llewllewtoo

From Paris to Barcelona, London to Madrid, graphic mosaic floors in NightNight hotels make the perfect canvas for the art of selfeet. Find our community’s best shots below!

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Next time you hit the snooze at the hotel, it will be with style! Stay at these 6 hotels with the coolest ‘do not disturb’ door hanger signs. 

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interior design details in lifestyle hotels nightnight

In NightNight hotels you will find plenty of cool details that will set the right mood and enhance your stay. From design touches to sleek decors, special attentions and nice extras, here are 4 things you will only find in a lifestyle hotel.

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When was the last time you spent some quality time with your lover? We mean just the two of you. No kids. No photographs. No fans to please. For Valentine’s Day, put on the gold chain and make it rain. Here is a collection of 3 perfect hotels to boost your couple.

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